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Does your business really need a dedicated Property Listing Software?

Are you a real estate agent who has been in the field for many years? Then you must have witnessed the ups and downs of the field due to several socio-economic factors over the years. Real estate market has been on a steady rise over the past few years as demands for better living conditions have seen a dramatic increase. The demand for property listing software has reached a point that relying on just traditional marketing methods are proving harder day by day. Customers are looking at multiple avenues before finalising their decision when it comes to buying or investing on properties. Convenience has been favoured over comfort nowadays as people have less time to spend on activities due to their busy lifestyle. This has a direct effect on many businesses as well, and it has made an impact on real estate field as well.

Impact of technology on Real estate business over the past few years

Over the past few decades, technology has been advancing at a rapid rate. For many business fields this has caused a survival of the fittest, or rather an adapt or perish situation. This phenomenon is clearly visible in the real estate market all over the world. Real estate businesses in developed countries were quick to act as they were aware of the possibilities that can be exploited to advance their businesses. The demand for digitizing real estate business was a necessary procedure as it provides accessibility and exposure for a wider audience. This lead to the demand of better property listing websites and over the last few years even this field has been revolutionalized with the popularity of smartphones and other smart technology products.

There are more than a couple of hundreds of property management or real estate websites on the internet. The ease of access factor for customers has resulted in popularizing such websites. Marketing techniques has evolved from advertising on flyers, newspapers and brochures to email marketing and social media marketing which is the latest trend. For a real estate agent who is looking to showcase his product, there are more than one way to go about it. But the field has tight competition nowadays as multiple property listing sites are being approached by owners and agents to sell or rent their properties. Some of these websites only take a piece of commission from the sales, while some operate on a monthly payment basis just to showcase their listings. For a medium or large real estate company, paying multiple websites can prove burdensome to sellers and the best remedy for this situation is actually investing on a dedicated property listing software to create their own property listing website.

Choosing the right platform can make the difference

Choosing the right platform to develop your business can be a tiresome experience especially when you may not be familiar with the technical terms and background processes asscociated with such softwares. Hence it is utmost important to do your research and fixing on the features that you want implemented on your businesses website. Although all the major real estate website building softwares have fancy websites and display a wide variety of features to lure more business, the reality can be often disappointing after you commit to build your website. These may include higher than average pricing, delay in project completion, failure to bring in traffic, bugs and crashes etc. it would be best to choose a property listing software with a reputation of building profitable businesses and whose success and history of their relationship with their clients can be found and verified on the internet or directly if possible. ticks the right boxes as a powerful real estate marketplace or property listing software. With features that can actually make a difference for your business, our success stories are enough for you to make an informed decision to choose our platform. The best feature of Zeekin is that it is 100% customizable, with the ability to create non-existing features that you may demand. We find custom made solutions to help you keep a comfortable lead in the race of real estate marketplaces. Our priority in keeping our customer base happy and content has been the result of years of hard work and expertise in the field. Feel free to drop a mail or give a call to know more about us and how we can help you make your real estate business more profitable.

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Real Estate Marketplace: How to keep up with customer demands and buying trends

Real estate marketing is evolving just like any other field. The traditional marketing techniques paved the way to make real estate business one of the most profitable ones. Although there are not many flaws using these techniques, brokers and real estate agencies now have the option to further broaden their listings so that it can reach more prospective buyers and sellers. One of the most used and trusted ways to do this is by making use of a good real estate platform or a real estate marketplace.

The effects visual elements can have on decision making
The ability to provide prospective customers with a visual representation of what they are looking for can accelerate the whole process of buying and selling properties. A good real estate platform should be able to provide the essential tools to create and operate a visually pleasing and user friendly experience for the buyers, and, it should also be easy enough to be operated by real estate agencies and individual sellers alike. The use of visual elements and options to maintain customer interaction in such a way that it does not make it overwhelming for the users can be the key to make the next best real estate website. Providing various photos and videos of properties makes it appealing to the customers and it also brings in a trust factor to the whole buying and selling process.

Making a really good first impression matters
Imagine this scenario: You want to buy a property right now. Like every other shopping decision you make, the first thing you do is go online, maybe on your smartphone or on your computer. You type in the words and you can find a lot of websites on which you can compare and contrast on pricing, location, available amenities and even details on loan availabilities. Now think about the same scenario if it was happening a decade or two ago, the same scenario would require you to get a phonebook to find out details about real estate agents or scan the newspapers hoping you find an advertisement that meets your requirements. The advancements in digital marketing have been a boon to initiate taking that first step, that is researching about your options to buy or sell your property. Businesses have adopted to new online marketing strategies and quite naturally have welcomed healthy competition from similar service providers. Utilizing available resources and presenting them in an appealing way matters more now than ever before. Good visuals, appealing layout, and a non-lagging website/smartphone app can make the difference when it comes to taking that first step. From an agents perspective it can be considered as the first pitch.

Keeping the curiosity alive
So you have brought a prospective buyer to your online platform. What now? The main objective of a good real estate marketplace is to keep the people interested in staying there instead of going to a different portal. Concise and eye-catching content should be the next priority. Users should be able to get all the information that they need without spending lots of time trying to find it. All these can reflect in the overall traffic on the websites and can convert into sales and profit. To keep up with the current trends and to explore new possibilities, various social media sites are being targeted as ideal advertisement platforms. From a real estate agents perspective, this is a blessing as they can use such platforms to divert traffic to their websites where they can better portray their listings and also to find out latest strategies employed by their competitors.

The importance of doing it right
Social media marketing although is a good way to find prospective buyers, can sometimes be deceiving. We are living in a world where lots of scams and malpractices are carried out on such platforms. Real estate business is not one where people take their chances or make impulsive decisions. In that regard accountability and trustworthy business practices should be the holy grail when it comes to an online real estate platform. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to create a website where properties can be posted for selling or renting purposes, from a business perspective, investing on an acclaimed real estate ecosystem is the best bet. Credibility should be your number one concern especially since the investment value is high.

Why Invest On a Real Estate Platform
A dedicated real estate website gives realtors the power to illustrate their listings in such a way that it feels appealing to prospective buyers. It should be a medium to initiate communication between the buyer and the seller. There can be a wide variety of listings like apartment, house, mansions, dormitories, single sharing, double sharing etc. Some of which can be for sale, rent or even has a mortgage option. Real estate platform provides an ecosystem for the realtors to manage all these functionalities with ease. There are tools to extend and automate agency information to the digital space. Total control is given to the realtor when it comes to a good real estate platform. Addition of new properties, managing and updating existing ones should be a hassle free experience.

We offer features that make a difference
With Zeekin real estate platform, creating and managing a real estate website has never been easier. We provide a mobile ready, fully customizable marketplace for your innovative business models. Seamless browsing experience using advanced searchandising, analytics and reports, hassle-free migration options are some of the few features offered by our platform. We provide tailor-made solutions for marketplaces as well as agencies. Monitoring and analyzing the performance of the agents, strategizing using real-time analytics and reports, CRM Integration and comprehensive lead management are some of the features that can come in handy to effectively maximize profits. With our dedicated user and agent mobile apps, the business can be extended to the customers hand and on the go. Built on the powerful OORJIT platform, can be the one stop shop for all your real estate platform development needs.